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Santa's Postbag Welcomes you & Invites you to Write an Email to Santa

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Santa's Postbag is a website to allow children and parents to contact Santa Claus . Maybe you need to send a letter to Santa telling him what you would like for Christmas? Perhaps you are worried as to whether you are on the naughty or nice list? Maybe you would like to ask Santa if Rudolph prefers carrots or sugar lumps? Or maybe you need to clear up some matters with Santa?

Whatever the reason, at Santa's Postbag you can contact Santa and email him about anything you like.

The beauty of being able to email Santa is that it doesn't cost anything, your letter wont need a stamp. Also emails are so much faster. In the North Pole, sometimes the weather is so bad that the postman only comes to Santa's house once a month.

If you send a letter to Santa he will reply if you let him know your email address. Santa likes sending emails, probably because he's the patron saint of giving, and giving emails is nearly as much fun as giving Christmas presents.

If you would like to send Santa an email
Click Here to Write to Santa
Click Here check Santa's Naughty or Nice List

Send your child a free eMail from Santa this Christmas. Santa doesn't know every child's Email address and he needs help to be able to surprise every child with a persoalised email from him. Help Santa Claus send a letter to your child

and fill in the details of your child, and Jolly St. Nicholas will send an email From the North Pole. It only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the christmas email form but the smile on your childrens faces will last a lot longer.

Christmas arts & crafts ideas

At Santa's Postbag you will find lots of things to make and do. There is a large collection of homemade Christmas trimmings, ranging from Christmas tree decorations to ceiling hanging decorations.

Try you hand at some of the home made gift ideas. You'll find an ideal Christmas present for Mum, Dad, Auntie, your sister or brother, Uncle, Grandma and Grandad and your friends too.

All the home made Christmas craft projects have a Christmas star rating, so that you know how easy or difficult the Christmas craft will be before you begin.

Buy arts and crafts materials online at Homecrafts.co.uk

Star Guide Rating for All Arts & Crafts Projects

1 Star Rating1 Star Rating means the the project will be easy. Everyone will be able to do this craft, in particular primary school children and pre-school will enjoy 1 star rated projects and will not need much help.

2 Star Rating2 Star Rating means that the craft project will be a bit tricky. This might mean that some parts are a little difficult, or there may be shape impliment involved or spray paint. These proects are ideal for older children to complete on their own with care, but younger children will need help from an adult.

3 Star Rating3 Star RatingThis means that the projects are difficult. This would invole crafts that are hard and complex, this may involve simple electronics, or sharpe craft knives.

A lot of the projects use materials that you can easily find around the house, Santa's Postbag likes to recycle.

Santa's Postbag also has Christmas puzzles, quizzes and Christmas party games to get everyone in the festive spirit.

Reindeer Adoption

Click Here for Santa's reindeer

Help look after Rudolph and friends when Santa isn't using them by adopting one from this Wildlife Park. You'll be supporting the upkeep of one of Santa reinders and you can also visit the animals whenever you choose.

Click Here.. For more info.

Most Frequently asked questions Emailed to Santa

Email Santa a question that has been puzzling you for some time, if it is a common question that other children have also asked Santa - it may get added to Santa's most frequently asked questions below.

Madison asked Santa... Can't Christmas happen more often?
Santa replied... Ho ho ho, You know Christmas for me is a lot of hard work and I am a very old. It takes me a full twelve months to get ready for Christmas eve, I couldn't possibly make Christmas happen more often, even if i wanted to.

Matthew asked Santa... Why does Santa always wear red?
Santa replied... Well actually I don't always wear red, if you look at some pictures of me I wear dark green or black. I do tend to save my red suit for Chrismas eve, because I don't want my clothes clashing with Rudolph's bright red nose.

Charlie asked Santa... Why do you have a sleigh and not a car or a lorry?
Santa replied... In the North Pole with all that snow cars and lorries can't get around very well, so the sleigh is better suited to wintery conditions. The sleigh is also magical, not all sleights can fly can they? I would never be able to get presents to everyone if I didn't have a magic sleigh. Think how unhappy that would make people.

Christmas carols and music

Santaspostbag has lots of christmas sheet music and Christmas carols for you to sing with friends and family.

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